How To Create
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I trust you are as enthusiastic as I am so let's enjoy it! In this guide you will find instruction as well that make the overwhelming undertaking of creating you very first blog post, a very straight forward one. I have made this manual as exact and effective as possible so that you can get on with your business, which is to create your content that your visitors will simply adore and value. It's very worthwhile not only in your bank account but mostly the joy of helping a person solve their troubles. You can implement this guidebook to whatever business specific niche market you are passionate and involved in as well.

How Do I Create My Own Website Or Blog - In Just Three Quick Steps!

How do I Make My Own Website - In No Time At All.

Do you want a website for yourself or maybe a new business but the
technical stuff looks intimidating?

Calm down, we're going to take your hand and talk you through
the quick steps that will have your new website up and operating
in no time. No matter if you're a complete novice.

Yes - Up in no time and you'll be astonished at how simple
it is to develop your brand new website and then make
changes anytime you wish.

Furthermore, I'll be detailing each of the terms that
you may not know down below.

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A Summary of the procedure & terminology Explained

Truth be told there are just three rather simple steps you need to implement in order to set up a functioning website fast and the best part is that you need not much technological experience in order to do this:

Choose a domain name
Get hosting for your domain name
Install your website live on the Web

The first two steps of the strategy are often linked together and can be finished effortlessly within five minutes. You need to decide on a appropriate domain name for your site and choose an reasonably priced, top-notch web hosting service.

Having a domain name such as or, or whatever you choose that fits your project, is the first step but won't make your site live on the Web until your domain name is hosted somewhere but we'll get to that.

"It's relevant to know that a domain name is similar to registering a business name and the hosting is such as in reality leasing a store with a physical address."

If you are already stressing about the terms used - "don't" - a "domain name" is merely the term used to describe the url of your website, and it is also known as the web address (for example as in

"These are internet domain names you will probably be familiar with:,, and You get the idea."

Your domain name is vitally important because it's how people browsing for you will find you and clicking on the domain name when it shows up in a search on Google, for example, takes them to your actual website.

So try to make it clear what your site is about with your choice of domain name.

Obviously, you need to find someplace to put your site online and this is exactly where a web hosting service comes in to play. Things these companies do, for a tiny monthly or annual fee, is furnish you with the place on the web where you can develop and store your site, so that the world can see and access it from anyplace.

" Hosting for your website is just like leasing a store on a busy street except that web hosting is much cheaper than leasing a store!"

Though this may seem a little complicated, once you have chosen your domain name and a web hosting service to use, the actual configuring of your new website requires less than five minutes to finish.

The third and final step then is to develop your website and to develop a completely professional looking site that is quick to handle and alter anytime you want, we are going to use a free software platform called WordPress.

how to make a website

WordPress is in fact used by 1/3 of all websites in online, primarily because it's so simple to use. This website that you are reading right now is a WordPress site.

So that's the summary, now let's go thru the appropriate steps and get your new website up and functioning.


Finding & Registering Your Domain Name

Finding a domain name for your site is a personal and essential decision, partly because you could be promoting that website for several years.

And you need to also consider the intent of the site: is it for selling or building a community of similar people? What's the main purpose of your new website? Knowing what that clearly is will help make the domain name choice easier.

You can choose virtually any name you like, and while there are practically no rules pertaining to what name you can choose, it's good to keep in mind these things when choosing your domain name:

  • Your domain name should be pertinent to the content of the website. It sounds apparent, but the more related your domain name is to the primary objective of your website, the better.

  • The shorter and more unforgettable your website URL is the better. Readers tend to disregard websites with obscure or extended names, so keeping your url short and concise will help readers remember your site, even when they are not actually online.

  • It also is helpful if your domain name provide the user a obvious indication of what your site is about. Try to avoid names that could be misunderstood for another type of site. A good illustration of this is a site with a name like, which may be about computer keyboards, or music keyboards; both have the same name, but both consist of very separate content.

  • Make sure you choose an appropriate extension for your site. .com, .org or .net sites are the preferred as they are international extensions, even though other, cheaper options are also available.

Check Domain Availability

So if you were going to set up your website about electronic music keyboards, then you may wish to select a domain name like or similar.

Of course, there is always a chance that somebody has previously chosen this as the domain name for their website, but thankfully there is an easy way to check for this by using a Domain Name Availability Search.

So if you have selected a name for your site, insert it into the box below and the Domain Name Availability Search will see if the name is currently in use, or if it is available for your site name.

Assuming the search returns that your domain name is already used and is unavailable, you can either choose a domain name with a another extension (so if .com is taken, you could try .net, or .org or or similar, or you can elect to add another word to the original domain name).

Therefore if the domain name was already taken, I could try, or or even instead.

You will easily find a domain name that is available for you to use and when you have determined on which of the available domain names you would like for your site, you are ready to move onto step two.


How To Setup Your Web Hosting Account

There are plenty of alternative companies that offer web hosting and a brisk search of the Internet will find a whole host of solutions, but experience has indicated that for top-notch service, outstanding customer support at a very good value, a company called is well worth considering.

Ipage is an well-known American company with a proven track record in service and support.

You can create your web hosting account at ipage here:

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On top of that, if you head on over to using this link you can get 20% off your hosting costs!

making a website

When you have loaded up the website click the orange Sign Up Now! button and this will bring up the protected order form.

If you need a domain name, submit your choice of domain name in the box on the left. If you have already bought a domain name, then submit it in the box on the right.

make my own website

Assuming you've implemented this guide through, then you will not own your domain name yet, so you'll want to use the left hand box. Don't forget to check you choose the right extension (.com, .org etc) using the drop down box on the right.

If your domain name is not available, then you can try variations until you find one. Nevertheless if you've used the domain name availability search on this guide above, then you should have a domain name that should be available.

When you have your sought after domain name, click the blue Next button and the next part of the signup form will load up:

make your own website

In this segment you submit your personal info, how you would like to pay and the web hosting plan that best suits your needs. Here are a number of plans presented and some even include the cost of the domain name as part of the plan, so check through them to find one that suits.

  • A good suggestion here is to pay for at least one year of web hosting in advance, this is because it is usually much cheaper than paying per month and you also get the cost of registering your domain name for free.

    Once you've picked your payment method, plan and entered in your info, click the blue Create My Account button.

    When you have clicked that button and your order is acknowledged, you have now got yourself a domain name and a place on the web within which you can develop your website.

    All you have to do now is wait for the verification email to come through from which will verify your domain name and hosting plan. This can take anything from a couple of hours to process at the busiest times, to just a couple of minutes when it is quieter.

  • It's worth knowing that have strict security procedures in place and that as part of this, they might call you to check your info with you. If this happens, you will simply want to confirm a few details with their customer services associate and once the brief phone call is over, you will be ready to take the next step!

    When you've collected your verification email, you are now eager to move onto the third and final step of the procedure; building your website!


How to make website Using WordPress

Before, developing a website often involved a great deal of knowledge about mystical things such as JavaScript and HTML as well as excellent graphic design skills.

This put many individuals off from developing their own sites due to the skills, time and expertise necessary to make it look professional.

In today's world though, things are totally different and it's quite easy for a novice to establish a top quality website in just a few minutes, primarily thanks to the advancement of the WordPress system.

WordPress is a free software that makes it very easy to build and manage your website.

In essence, WordPress develops the website for you - all you need to do is personalize the site with your own content and taste and WordPress does the rest!

Naturally, you want to now install WordPress onto your website so you can use it in the design procedure and if you have registered with, then this is a very simple thanks to their own the wordpress platform installation software, Fantastico.

Actually, installing WordPress on your site ready to use will take less than five minutes!

Now that you have your ipage verification email, you will have your account info to hand. So all you need to do is log into your account via the login page.

Enter the email address you signed up with on the site and the password ipage sent you with your verification email into the account manager.

When you have logged in, you will then be taken to a screen that displays you the basic details of your website.

To the right of the information about your site you will see a blue button labelled "cPanel Login". Click on this.

make website

This brings up a screen of a variety of software and services available at that allow you to add different functions to your website. What we are looking for is Fantastico De Luxe, which has a blue smiley icon. When you have found this in the software window, click on it.

make websites

A new window will open which will show the a variety of Blogs available in Fantastico. In the Blogs area, you will see WordPress listed. Merely pick it

how to make website

Click on "New Installation"

make own website

This will bring up a Drop down menu in which you need to find your domain name. Choose your domain name and then enter a username, a password and site title, but bear in mind to leave the Install in Directory field blank (this is important).

Once you have finished this, click "Install WordPress" and the software will download onto your domain.

Once the download is finish, you just need to press "Finish Installation". WordPress then completes downloading to your site and sets up a default website on your domain name (called the Twenty Fourteen Theme):

All you want to do is wait just a few of minutes for the changes to take bearing.

Afterwards, believe it or not, you now effectively have a website running on the domain name you have chosen, now it is time to configure your site to your chosen theme!

Configuring Your Website

I bet you never considered producing a website was so simple and now you can go and configure the site so that it looks and says what you want it to.

Editing the site is effortless, just type in your internet browser your domain name and add the suffix /wp-admin at the end. For example for our music keyboard site listed earlier, it would be

how do you make a website

After you press enter, you will be taken to the WordPress log in page, use the username and password you used when installing WordPress from Fantastico previously and click the Log In button.

how to set up a website

You will then be directed to the main page of WordPress, which is called the Dashboard and it is from here that you can access, edit, create and delete everything to do with your website.

WordPress has several key functions which are all utilized from the front end of the Dashboard and these functions are used to do anything you could potentially wish to do on your site, from adding videos and images, to installing a theme or a plug in. Everything is found from this one place.

A quick list of WordPress' main features, together with an outline of what they do, is shown below:

Posts and Pages

Posts are more commonly used when you wish to host a blog, rather than a ordinary website. The main difference with these types of pages is that there is usually a preview of the post on the page, so users can click on it to read the post in full.

Websites that do not host blogs tend to use pages, although these can be flexibly set up to link to blog posts if necessary. You can link to other webpages in your site from your homepage (which is the first page a visitor sees when they visit your site) and of course, you can create these pages here too.

Assuming a blog is going to be a key part of your site although, and on numerous sites they are, it is essential that you gain a good comprehension of how to use posts.

how to start a website


If you want to improve your site by adding your own pictures and videos to it (which is a great idea) then the Media section of WordPress enables you to upload these graphics and even edit them before you include them on a page or post.

WordPress is accommodating so you can either upload media directly to a page or post while you are producing it, or you can upload your media here and then simply access them from a page or post. The choice is yours!

building a website


With WordPress you can create categories for links and then add to these categories with a host of links that you choose and which, ideally, link and complement the content of your site. The links pages can be very helpful for people who create their own widgets (though this is not necessary for a beginner user).

Copy the link you might like to appear on your site. Go back to your WordPress Edit Page and choose place where you would like to add it by choosing a word or a phrase. The insert/edit link button on top of your work area will now become available to use.

build a website

The following screen will open.

build a website

Paste the link of your choice in the URL box (make sure http:// at the begging of the link it's not typed twice) and fill in the title box (optional). Here you also have an option do choose if you will like your link to open in a new window by selecting the Open link n a new window/tab box. Click on Add Link and the formerly selected by you area will turn blue and will now forwarding to the chosen link.


If you wish people to leave comments about your posts and site then you can allow these here. There are a number of options you can have, such as whether comments must be moderated or not before being shown on the site, which are customizable.

To avoid lots of spam comments though, a spam checker, such as Akismet, may prove to be a useful add on.

build a website


If you don't like the general look of your website on WordPress then you can change it with a single click of a button! The Appearance section enables you to pick from a huge number of free to use themes which can modify the look of your site with a single click. To learn more about how to adjust the themes on your site click here.

build a website


WordPress "plugins" are extra pieces of software that add certain features or functions to your website.

There are lots of little enhancements you can make to your website to give it a distinctive feel, from visitor counters (counting the number of people visiting your website each day), to slideshows. Virtually all of these are free and can add nice unique functions to your website.

You can effortlessly access them from the plugins menu. It is well worth checking out this feature of the site when you have nearly finished your preliminary web design to add a some amazing adornment to the pages using these plugins.

build a website

If you have any comments about this article or if there is anything you would like explaining more plainly, then please do get in touch using the comments form below.

Understand more about WordPress here: