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CM4all Sites comes with all the features your customers need to create and maintain a professional, responsive website. We provide users with sophisticated – yet convenient and straightforward – features that are so easy to integrate and use that literally anyone can create their own personalized website.

Extensive usability studies have revealed that most users struggle with beginning the site creation process. We designed the Instant Setup Page to clear this obstacle from their path: Users simply choose a website category for their project, and we get them started with a full-fledged website.

Experience has shown that users want superior usability – and we offer it.

CM4all Sites

Our AJAX editor provides full drag-and-drop functionality for all website elements and uncompromising WYSIWYG capability.

In addition, CM4all Sites makes the most out of CSS without requiring users to have any programming or design knowledge whatsoever. Unlike some common HTML website templates, our responsive CSS templates are completely customizable. They only define the website’s structure, leaving everything else to the user’s creativity.

Last but not least, our innovative widget concept brings a fresh approach to website add-ons, while allowing for unlimited expansion of our product’s feature range through our own Widget Developer Network.



CM4all Sites enables you to compete successfully by tailoring our software to the individual needs of your target groups. Our latest technology allows for unlimited product customization and enhanced feature configuration, giving you full control over the products you want to offer.

  • Adapt the application’s user interface to your corporate design

  • Skip predefined product packages and build your own dynamic ones

  • Create custom website categories and default content

  • Design custom OEM templates and add them to our built-in selection

  • Develop your own widgets with our Widget Developer Network

  • Serve the overall SMB market or tailor the product to vertical markets



In addition to our wide-ranging expertise in providing scalable, mass-market DIY solutions, CM4all Sites is designed to fully support a managed services (BIFM) approach. This allows OEMs to earn additional revenue by offering full-service website design and maintenance.

  • Create an initial website draft for users

  • Handle ongoing maintenance and updates

  • Sell custom designs and logos

  • Provide lead generation and marketing services (e.g., SEO)


These days, people surf the web with a multitude of devices ranging from smartphones to tablets to desktop computers. To ensure optimal display regardless of the screen, today’s websites must be responsive.

CM4all Sites comes with responsive CSS templates created by our own professional designers. Each responsive design template supports five different website formats, ranging from portrait for smartphones to wide screen for desktop monitors.

truly responsive websites

At CM4all, we do things right or not at all, so adding responsive designs to our site builder was only the first step toward our goal of providing your customers with truly responsive websites. CM4all Sites now also includes a completely revamped editor engine optimized for responsive website content. This means that a website’s complete content is adapted to the particular end user device, not just the design.

Thanks to our updated CM4all widget technology, even complex website features such as photo galleries, maps or online shops can be displayed correctly on all devices for a 360° user experience.


In a world where prospects and customers are always online, website visitors on the go search for local offers on their smartphones, book hotel rooms on tablets while watching TV and perceive SMB websites as an important reference for a company’s service quality.

Professional websites need to cater to this new reality. With CM4all Sites, you enable your customers to create and maintain effective websites with ease.



Due to the success of smartphones and tablets, your SMB customers are looking for a site building solution that supports responsive web design without sacrificing usability. CM4all Sites fits the bill and more.

The completely revamped website editor engine provides users with outstanding usability in creating their very own web presence, while automatically optimizing both design and content elements for proper display on any device.

CM4all Sites includes professionally designed, responsive CSS templates suitable for all relevant business sectors. Users can select high-quality key visuals, background images and patterns from our fully licensed image library, or upload their own, for an agency-grade web design at a fraction of the cost.

CM4all Sites

The latest CM4all widget technology ensures that even complex website features such as photo galleries, maps and online shops are accurately realigned for the display size required. All our widgets support a total of five different screen layouts ranging from portrait format for smartphones to wide screen for desktop monitors.

In order to provide your customers with even more flexibility in designing their websites, CM4all Sites now also includes a new column editor.

Content such as copy, images and widgets can be arranged in a freely selectable number of columns, giving websites an even more elegant look. Combined with our ever-increasing number of web fonts, the appearance of your customers’ websites is limited only by their creativity.


visibility on all channels

As social media platforms drive more and more website traffic, website owners are finding it necessary to connect to these platforms. We have therefore enhanced the social sharing capabilities of CM4all Sites with dedicated widgets for Twitter®, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn and Xing.

We now also support Open Graph meta tags to provide users with added control over the appearance of their websites when they are shared via Facebook.

For your customers dealing with a privacy-sensitive audience, all our social sharing widgets include a “two-click option” that can be enabled directly in the widget configuration menu. The two-click procedure prevents tracking of website visitors until they activate the sharing buttons themselves. As an OEM partner, you can also freely choose whether or not to enable the newly added EU Cookie Law feature integrated into CM4all Sites to address your customers‘privacy concerns.


Facebook is a valuable communication channel for SMBs around the world today. The CM4all Sites Facebook Connector is the perfect tool to generate more Likes and drive more traffic to their websites.

Because you expect no less from an innovation leader, we went the extra mile again and developed a Facebook feature enabling CM4all Sites users to conveniently create and manage professional, stand-alone Facebook Page tabs from within our application.

Depending on their business needs and individual preferences, they can choose from different built-in designs, change the colors and add images from their websites to their Facebook Page tab.

CM4all Sites communicates directly with Facebook’s API through Facebook Connect. Thanks to this deep integration, CM4all Sites users can also activate "Fan View“ to generate Likes through contests, coupons and games, and leverage the full marketing potential of a professional Facebook Page for their businesses.


As with all CM4all VAS products, the CM4all Sites user interface is completely adaptable to your corporate design. During the customization process, you are invited to define the application’s highlighting color as well as its header, and add your logo. This enables you to market the product as your own solution.

The enhanced customization options of CM4all Sites allow you to incorporate your own custom-made advertisements directly into the application. CM4all Sites is designed to display different ads according to the product version currently being used, allowing you to promote specific sales and upgrades. You can also convey your message by defining a global footer to be automatically added to all websites published through CM4all Sites.

More custom content can be displayed in our Help Center, so you can include custom video tutorials to help your customers in the website creation process.



With CM4all Sites, all users can leverage the potential of CSS without any programming knowledge whatsoever. They enjoy total freedom in building their own website as they change and edit key visuals, upload their company logo and adapt colors to their own corporate design.

As an OEM partner, you can extend the template database and adapt it to vertical markets or dedicated customer groups by uploading OEM Design Templates into the system. Added templates are easy to manage, and can be edited or deleted while the system is up and running.

your own css templates1

Custom OEM Design Templates can also be assigned to individual CM4all Sites accounts, enabling you to meet even the most complex customer requirements in a managed services (BIFM) approach.


Our architecture is natively designed to allow you to fully differentiate the product you offer to your customers – whether you serve the overall SMB market or dedicated vertical markets.

The first step for CM4all Sites users is choosing a business or consumer category for their website project on our Instant Setup Page. Based on that selection, they receive a complete, pre-configured website proposal entirely adaptable to their individual needs. Individualizing and adding to those pre-defined website categories gives you the chance to create your own site building solution that is optimally aligned with your sales strategy.

During the customization process, you can define both the default content and the image library associated with each website category.

This enables you to effortlessly provide your customers with pre-configured websites perfectly tailored to their industry, regardless of whether they are veterinarians, personal trainers or architects.


An integral part of CM4all Sites, our highly effective widget technology enables any user to add complex functions without difficulty. Users can simply drag a widget from the menu onto their website and configure it.

In order to effectively promote specific website content, most widgets include a teaser functionality that guides website visitors to the actual widget location. Widgets that are going to be moved to another page or finished later can be stored on the clipboard to save all configuration options. Users can then reinsert the element later.

CM4all Sites comes with built-in widgets ranging from contact forms to e-commerce to social media connectivity with Twitter®, Facebook and Google+. We designed CM4all Sites with an open widget API with constantly changing market needs in mind. This allows for continuous expansion of the existing widget catalog not just by us, but also by you as an OEM partner or other specialized developers through our Widget.


Developer Network (WDN)

CM4all Sites comes with a full range of built-in widgets in the following categories:

Developer Network

Basic Widgets

News Ticker, Search, Counter, Download, Sitemap...


Ecwid Store, Office Hours, Shopping Cart, Voting…

External Content/Apps

Online Reservation Systems, Embed, RSS, Podcast…


Contact Form, Meeting Request, Proposal Request, Call-back Form...


News, Event Calendar...


Youtube, Vimeo, Photo Gallery, Animated Photos, Slideshow, Insta Feed…

Social Networking

Twitter®, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Xing…



We engineered our Widget Developer Network as a platform where you can develop your own new widgets to simplify the widget development process for all parties involved.

Tapping into this powerful network will enable you to customize the widget catalog of your CM4all Sites installation to align with your specific target markets and customer segments. The possibilities are endless, since our open widget API also supports the integration of other VAS products like stand-alone online shops and external business applications.

widget developer network

The latest example of this successful concept is our partnership with e-commerce specialist Ecwid. We fully leveraged our open widget API in developing the Ecwid Store widget, enabling users to drag and drop an Ecwid Store onto their websites without having to deal with code snippets. They can either enter their existing Ecwid Store ID or register a new Ecwid account directly through the widget.

The Widget Developer Network includes comprehensive technical documentation for an optimum introduction to the widget development process. In addition, we provide widget templates your developers can build on, giving you a head-start with easier coding and reduced turn-around times.

New widgets can be conveniently tested and previewed in a stand-alone CM4all Sites installation seamlessly integrated into the Widget Developer Network, which allows for thorough quality assurance before new widgets are incorporated into your live systems.



designed to support your

Whether you follow the traditional bundle-and-upsell model or want to market all-inclusive, fee-based website packages, CM4all Sites is designed to help you maximize your success and increase ARPUs. Whether you need software for a DIY or a managed services (BIFM) offering or want to auto-generate websites for your customers, we have the right tools, APIs and technology to ensure you succeed – regardless of how many brands or channels you are leveraging. You can tailor our platform to serve the overall SMB or consumer market as well as dedicated vertical markets and industries!


CM4all Sites is available in a trial version perfectly tailored to your marketing activities. The configurable trial version provides users with temporary access to the full CM4all Sites feature range. In a two-step process, the publishing function is deactivated first, followed by the CM4all Sites account and the published website.

smart promotion

Customizable “Buy Now” and “Trial Expired” messages can be linked to your control panel or product pages so users can upgrade to a paid plan with just a few clicks.

Your promotion efforts receive a further boost from auto-generation and publishing of complete websites in bulk via the CM4all Sites API. This does not require any browser interaction. All you have to do is enter a prospect’s company name and define the website category. The websites generated automatically are an ideal, cost-efficient tool for showcasing the CM4all.


We offer highly discounted licenses so that you can equip every customer with a free bundled version or create powerful, all-inclusive, fee-based website packages with very attractive margins. The Limited Edition already offers unlimited access to our CSS templates and uses feature points to control access to individual features. Users are free to add and remove features from their website within the feature point limit at any time for maximum choice and flexibility.


OEMs can independently define and manage default product packages for bundling with various hosting plans or access rates within the limitations of the available feature points.

You can also set quotas for image storage on the users’ webspace accessible via the CM4all Sites file manager. Additionally, the option for pre-building standard websites in bulk greatly enhances lead generation.


With a streamlined and enhanced business model, the CM4all Sites Full Version promises a significant increase in revenue for you as an OEM.

Whether they are purchasing directly or upgrading to the Full Version, users can choose high-quality CSS design templates as well as add an unlimited number of widgets and pages to their website. Plus they can implement complex widgets based on external business applications such as shop systems, table reservation and online booking services.


Truly responsive websites and our seamlessly integrated Facebook Connector enable you to tap into customer segments seeking a professional mobile and social media solution.

all-in-one solution

With CM4all Sites, your customers’ websites are displayed correctly on any device. If desired, users can even create a dedicated mobile website with separate content specifically tailored to website visitors on the go.

Our Facebook Connector allows users to manage special tabs of their Facebook Page directly from within CM4all Sites. Thanks to this allinclusive approach, you can provide your customers with a single tool that covers all their content-sharing and web-based business marketing needs.



Our premium site building solution enables OEMs to provide services ranging from an initial website draft to complete management of a user’s web presence. CM4all Sites includes enhanced customization options such as color adaptation for each discrete website area and uploading of individual key visuals to meet any user’s requirements with ease.

managed services ready

CM4all Sites also supports the creation of responsive OEM Design Templates for individual website projects. Use this feature to offer premium design services and generate extra revenue by selling customized templates to your CM4all Sites customers in a managed approach. If desired, SEO services can also be implemented directly within our page manager by assigning individual URLs and keywords.


CM4all Sites runs on trusted and easy-to-operate standard hardware in your internal or external data center. We use the ASP model to cut complexity and cost while ensuring built-in support for dynamic business continuity.

Our server solutions are geared to your requirements and the number of users you expect to serve. Possible configurations include single server solutions, pairs of redundant servers and highly scalable clusters.

Detailed hardware specifications are available upon request.

Partnering with CM4all means you benefit from long-term maintenance and continuous enhancement of the entire software package. It goes without saying that we also offer professional second-level support along with any training required. Our service-level agreements include monitoring of the software’s functional readiness and guarantee high availability rates. The only requirement for our 360° service is 24/7 hardware availability at your data center.

We know that our unique outsourcing model results in maximum reliability while minimizing operating costs. More than 100 satisfied partners worldwide who rely on our products have already proven its success.


CM4all truly understands how to dovetail its products with your existing IT infrastructure. Our comprehensive set of APIs and middleware connect easily to your internal and external systems for a seamless total solution.

Our 14 years of experience in software integration with all leading control panels and proprietary systems translates into a convenient, hassle-free setup for you. Rely on the capabilities of an industry veteran and benefit from software installation and customization at a very reasonable price.

We also offer APS integration for CM4all Sites as a special benefit for OEM partners utilizing Parallels automation software with the Parallels SaaS Module. Our APS package directly connects to the existing Parallels infrastructure and handles all communication with the CM4all Sites API, which in turn significantly reduces implementation time.

Our expertise also pays off when it comes to migration, thanks to the knowledge we have gained in numerous projects for our global OEM network. We offer our existing OEM partners a comprehensive Migration Wizard that facilitates the migration process from CM4all WebsiteCreator to CM4all Sites for end users.


CM4all Sites is offered in a fully customizable reseller version that gives you the freedom to distribute licenses even in a complex multi-tier distribution system. You can market reseller-branded CM4all Sites versions to your existing resellers or start a whole new line of distribution.

Customization of the complete user interface via CSS is a snap, and straightforward integration into your control panel via our standardized APIs means absolutely no installation required at the reseller. No additional operating costs are incurred, and setup is instant.


Our global OEM partner network values CM4all products as international software solutions that attract and retain customers around the globe. We offer our products in more than 25 language versions. Additional languages are implementable quickly to provide you with maximum flexibility in serving your target markets.


CM4all’s software applications have always been available as highly scalable online services. This means a high degree of planning reliability for OEMs as you grow: We can dynamically scale your environment to serve any user base from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of accounts.

Thanks to our many years of experience in the SaaS sector, we can provide you with the ideal solution for your requirements.

Integrate our products into your brand – and your pricing strategies – and watch your customers spend more, while you spend considerably less than if you were developing solutions in-house. A partnership with us boosts sales and grows total business volume in the long run. Our partners worldwide are enjoying success with CM4all products thanks to our win-win business model.